The purpose of this statement is to let users of the Jessie Street National Women’s Library website know that there is no attempt made by the Library to identify individual users or their browsing activities and no information is collected about them when they visit this site.

Recording your email address

The Library will only record your email address if you send us a message, eg, if you fill out the enquiry form. It will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it and will not be added to a mailing list. The Library will not use your email address for any other purpose and will not disclose it without your consent.

The Library will not collect or solicit personal information via this site which would be unlawful, unnecessary or unrelated to the functions or activities of the Library, or unfair or unreasonably intrusive.

Publishing personal information

The Library will only publish personal information on this site if it has been collected for this purpose with your knowledge or if you have consented to the disclosure, eg, the selected Tapestry stories. When giving such consent, you should be aware that information published on this site is accessible to millions of users from all over the world, that it will be indexed by search engines and that it may be copied and used by any web user. This means that, once the information is published on this site, there is no control over its subsequent use and disclosure.