The Board of Management is elected annually and consists of four Executive Members: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and no fewer than five ordinary members, each of whom must be a financial member of the Library. All Board Members may stand for re-election. The Board administers the Library’s finances, issues a quarterly newsletter and oversees all fundraising events.

Current Executive (AGM 12 April 2022)

Jozefa Sobski AM (Chair), Suzanne Marks (Vice-Chair), Sherri Hilario (Secretary),  Jean Burns (Treasurer)

Board Members

Suzi Forell, Michele Ginswick, Robyn Harriott, Barbara Henery,  Susan Price, Janet Ramsay, Beverley Sodbinow, Christine Yeats

Annual Report 2021

The Library’s Annual Report is attached. The Library operates on a calendar year basis so the Annual Report endorsed at the Annual General Meeting is from the year before.

Annual Report 2021